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Divorce, known as the dissolution of marriage, is the legal process in which a couple terminates their marital union or dissolves the bonds of matrimony between them. When you go through a divorce, you are, in effect, canceling your legal marital duties and responsibilities to your spouse. If you decide to go through a divorce from your spouse, there are many issues that you and your spouse must address. These issues can be difficult and complex. An experienced Florida divorce attorney, Harold B. Klite Truppman will explain to you in detail the various different issues that are addressed in a divorce, as well as advise you on whether divorce, legal separation, or an annulment would benefit you.

This aspect of Florida family law can be very complicated. Therefore it is essential that you speak with an experienced Florida divorce lawyer.

This is where things begin to get better for you and your family. Mr. Truppman will work closely with you to enable you to make the best decisions possible for yourself, your children, and your property. He will realistically and honestly assess your situation. And then he will truthfully and thoroughly communicate with you about your assessments.

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