Harold TruppmanFlorida Lee County Divorce Attorney Harold Truppman. If you decide to go through a divorce from your spouse, there are many issues that you and your spouse must address. These issues can be difficult and complex. An experienced Florida divorce attorney, Harold B. Klite Truppmanwill explain to you in detail the various different issues that are addressed in a divorce, as well as advise you on whether divorce, legal separation, or an annulment would benefit you.

This aspect of Florida family law can be very complicated. Therefore it is essential that you speak with an experienced Florida divorce lawyer.

Divorce is never easy. But if you could wave a magic wand and have the best possible outcome, how would that look? Attorney At Law Harold B. Truppman in Fort Myers, Florida can guide you through today’s complex legal, business tax, financial, and psychological divorce environment. He will work with you to develop creative solutions tailored to your unique situation.

The Law Offices of Harold Truppman handle the most complex matters when it comes to divorce and premarital agreements, custody and child support, equitable distribution, and property division. Divorces involving significant assets (high-net-worth) and high income can be intricate. Our team understands the use of experts in the field of business valuation and pension valuation. We work with high-net-worth clients to achieve the best outcome.


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