Harold TruppmanLee County Florida Divorce Law Offices of Harold Truppman. If you live in Lee County Florida and are contemplating a divorce, or if your spouse has already served you with court papers, then you need the advice and representation of an experienced Florida divorce attorney (or “marriage lawyer”). In many ways, your future and the impact of divorce on your children will depend upon the decisions you now must make. Divorce in the state of Florida can be complicated without a lawyer.

When marital problems turn your thoughts to the possibility of divorce, ordinary activities become more complicated. A spouse’s absence is increasingly awkward to explain away to the children, other family members, friends, and coworkers. Concentrating at work becomes more difficult because of unmanageable stress at home.

This aspect of Florida family law can be very complicated. Therefore it is essential that you speak with an experienced Florida divorce lawyer.

This is where things begin to get better for you and your family. Mr. Truppman will work closely with you to enable you to make the best decisions possible for yourself, your children, and your property. He will realistically and honestly assess your situation. And then he will truthfully and thoroughly communicate with you about your assessments.


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