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  1. My home was damaged by a hurricane. What is my first step?
    Contact representatives of all carriers insuring your home and confirm in a letter to them.
  2. I have to pay a deductible if I file a claim with my insurance company. Why can’t FEMA just help me?
    FEMA cannot give money for items that insurance covers, as this would be considered a duplication of benefits. However, FEMA may be able to help with uncompensated losses or unmet needs not covered by your insurance company.
  3. Will FEMA pay my insurance deductible?
    No. FEMA does not cover insurance deductibles.
  4. Should I make repairs to my damaged property or wait for the insurance adjuster?
    You should make temporary repairs needed to prevent further damage only. The adjuster must see the damages to evaluate your loss. Take pictures of the damage and keep all of your receipts for materials used in emergency repairs. You should not dispose of any damaged property until the adjuster has completed his inspection.
  5. Who is responsible for clearing the debris from my property and is that covered under my policy?
    It is your responsibility to have debris removed, although the city or county may offer to clear your property as part of a coordinated debris removal program. Coverage for debris removal depends on your policy’s specific wording.