Illegal Towing Law Attorneys Miami Broward Palm Beach Florida. In the past decade, many US states began to regulate illegal and predatory towing. In 2005, a bill was introduced that would allow states such as California to enact legislation regarding towing practices on private property, but towing companies work around the legal system—predatory towers defend themselves by claiming they just have a different interpretation of the rules and hire attorneys to make it almost impossible to represent yourself without a lawyer.

Some illegal practices include patrolling private lots and removing vehicles without the presence of a property owner, refusing to unconditionally release a vehicle to the owner before it has been removed from the private property, and unlawfully taking a vehicle within one hour of parking.

If you were not parked illegally, and your car was still towed, contact an attorney. There are several things you can do if your car has been illegally towed. Your rights may have been violated.  If you returned to your vehicle and it was in the process of being towed, the tow truck driver must agree to lower the vehicle and charge you only half of the locally-allowable rate. If the tow truck operator does not agree to do this, your vehicle may have been illegally towed.

Also, if your vehicle was damaged in the towing process, you may recover the costs to repair your vehicle. If your vehicle was taken to a storage location too far from the location of the tow, your rights may have been violated.

Our office can help you recover your expenses and put a stop to the towing companies’ outrageous behavior. Often, there is no out of pocket costs to you. We represent illegal towing clients in Miami, Broward and Palm Beach counties, including  and throughout the State of Florida.

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