Harold TruppmanInsurance Law Miami Broward. The cornerstone of Harold B. Klite Truppman, P.A. is its insurance litigation practice. One of the fundamental reasons for our long track record of success in the insurance law field is a combination of high-level trial and advocacy skills coupled with expertise in the fundamental areas of insurance law.

Insurance litigation can involve many different issues related to insurance policies, such as the interpretation of insurance policy language, coverage of claims and failure to defend against third-party liability claims. Our experienced insurance law attorneys have successfully litigated disputes in court, but have also favorably resolved these matters through alternative means, such as settlement, mediation and arbitration. We advise you of all available options and potential outcomes and guide you to make the best decision to successfully resolve your case.

Our firm provides legal representation for clients in a wide variety of insurance disputes including:

  • Property damage from hurricane, windstorm, tornado, lightning, hail, flood, sinkhole, fire, explosion/blasting and water damage (plumbing leaks/ burst pipes)
  • Theft
  • Burglary
  • Vandalism
  • Arson
  • Liability
  • Contract disputes

Businesses are filing lawsuits against insurance companies

Although a virus would not normally be seen as having the ability to cause physical property damage, COVID-19 may compromise the premises to create a dangerous risk, such as contaminated surfaces or the overall air quality. That’s the argument attorneys for a New Orleans’ restaurant are presenting in a civil district court in what was believed to be the first U.S. business to file suit against an insurance company to cover losses due to a government-ordered coronavirus closure. Other cases are now following suit around the country under the same theory to challenge the exclusions and allow coverage under these policies, as the virus is now having such a devastating effect on business.

More lawsuits are likely to follow around the country and the debate over business interruption coverage is not likely to be quelled anytime soon. Meanwhile, legislators in at least four states are considering enacting laws that would allow retroactive changes to insurance policies that would require insurers to make payouts for business interruptions resulting from coronavirus. The constitutionality of these measures has yet to be tested by the courts. To arrange a consultation, please contact us by email or call 305-374-7974. We represent clients with insurance disputes throughout the State of Florida.


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